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Inspire authentically is what I hope to share with everyone I encounter. I would love for everyone to be seen & heard for whom they really are. To share their authentic selves. It took me many years to understand that I can only be seen for whom I am if I myself look inwards with an honest and truthful vision.                                                                   





My classes are all based on the philosophy of Forrest Yoga. Named after its founder Ana Forrest. It is a contemporary style of yoga based on traditional Hatha yoga - that is particularly designed to address current day stresses and challenges (physical as well as emotional) in our Western world and lifestyle. It is a great way to move back into your body and live from your inside out in an authentic and sustainably healthy way. Pose names and class language I choose is modern which makes it accessible and understandable also for non - or less experienced yogis. I put a strong focus on safe alignment, deep breathing and incrementely growing deep core muscles and flexibility. In consideration of your body type, history of injuries, age and level of experience. 

The four pillars of Forrest Yoga: 


Learn to breathe deeply and connect in feeling with your body.


Connect to your core – get strong and centered –rejuvenate every cell.


Develop a warriors heart and learn how to feel authentic.


Embody your spirit.

“Our bodies tell our stories, and they always tell the truth when we listen. I want to help you hear your body’s story, then teach it to speak its truth.” – Ana T. Forrest

Besides being a recognized pioneer in Yoga, Ana Forrest is also a medicine women, philosopher, healer and truth-speaker.

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