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Down Dog
Forward Folt


  • 1:1 yoga class tailored to your body type ​​

  • Unique, thoughtful & soul - filled accommodation​

  • Breakfast made specifically for you - local and organic ​

  • Flexible booking dates ​

  • Well-thought-through tips for Lisbon ​

  • Sustainable way of traveling, feel like a local 



Chia Pudding
  • Thoughtfully designed, refurbished traditional Portuguese apartment with stunning views and natural light

  • Authentic neighborhood, quiet yet still a stone throw away from the main tourist track São Vicente - Rua Afonso Domingues

  • Private bedroom with double bed in Scandinavian design - bathroom, living room and kitchen 


Simply. Life. Changing. Hilke is the single most inspirational, devotional and transformational teacher I have ever experienced. My practice jumped light years in one week, and maybe more importantly my relationship with myself advanced light years as well. Hilke's home - and her ver presence is calming, detoxifying, purifying. I cannot say enough about this whole experience, and cannot recommend it highly enough.


Chanelle (U.S.)

I arrived tired and somewhat burnt out and from the moment Hilke greeted me I had such a relaxing and rejuvenating couple of days in Lisbon. I loved everything about my stay in this retreat; the personalised one on one yoga sessions, the homemade healthy delicious breakfast and the beautiful apartment in the lovely and genuine local area in the centre of Lisbon. Hilke was the most wonderful and attentative host. I could not have wished for a better experience and I left feeling rested and refreshed. I highly recommend Hilke and this retreat for anyone who is looking for an amazing yoga teacher in the beautiful city of Lisbon.


Anette (SE)

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    750 € one person (private room)

1,100 € two people (double bed)

Prices are per room and include the entire experience of YRL for 4 nights: accommodation, daily yoga class & breakfast. As this is a private retreat - the maximum amount of people is two who are travelling together.


     Check availability in the calendar & choose your dates.

Get in touch via email, phone or fill out form below.


 P: +351 939 11 66 44