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Neck Traction Assist
Down Dog
Forward Folt


  • 2 Hour one on one Yoga Class*

  • 30 Minute Silence, Writing practice*

  • 30 Listen and Talk - Holding space*

  • 30 'Emotions in acceptance' - Meditation*

  • Journal  ​

  • Take home program  ​

  • Homemade Snacks and Tea



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Chia Pudding
  • This retreat is designed to put the focus on you 

  • Minimum 3 days, maximum 6 days

  • It takes place in Lisbon in a cosy, light - filled setting 

  • Times daily are either 10 - 13:30 or 15 - 18:30/ your choice

* note: accommodation is not incl. - inquire directly if you are looking for an accommodation incl. package 


Simply. Life. Changing. Hilke is the single most inspirational, devotional and transformational teacher I have ever experienced. My practice jumped light years in one week, and maybe more importantly my relationship with myself advanced light years as well. Hilke's home - and her ver presence is calming, detoxifying, purifying. I cannot say enough about this whole experience, and cannot recommend it highly enough.


Chanelle (U.S.)

I arrived tired and somewhat burnt out and from the moment Hilke greeted me I had such a relaxing and rejuvenating couple of days in Lisbon. I loved everything about my stay in this retreat; the personalised one on one yoga sessions, the homemade healthy delicious breakfast and the beautiful apartment in the lovely and genuine local area in the centre of Lisbon. Hilke was the most wonderful and attentative host. I could not have wished for a better experience and I left feeling rested and refreshed. I highly recommend Hilke and this retreat for anyone who is looking for an amazing yoga teacher in the beautiful city of Lisbon.


Anette (SE)

    In my own Yoga training in 2013 with Ana Forrest I finally stood up and faced layers of underlying patterns that caused my whole body to be in severe pain for several years. I would swallow every thing – bringing my stomach to a standstill and ending up with food allergies and intolerance to almost every food item. Feeling constantly fatigued, endlessly bothered with headaches, shoulder and neck issues. That was till I made healing a lifestyle and started to embrace my sensitivity to the fullest – I can now eat whatever I want, although I do appreciate a “clean” diet. I also understand that it is within my own hands to ease an occasional headache and interpret the signals of arising tightness in my shoulders. The tools lie within us – within our awareness. Caring, appreciating and nourishing ourselves. I would like to support as many of you as possible to discover and find those "tools" that you have inside yourself, to empower and embrace your truest desires to live a healthy life. ​ I feel honored and deeply touched by all of you, who opened and keep opening their hearts and let me support their journeys in the presence and past, and I would love to continue doing so for others out there. Through uniquely designed small group classes in Lisbon, I endeavor to assist you in a workshop, through yoga and contemporary dance or as an ongoing private session. Or from the beginning of the year 2018 through a personally for you created yoga retreat or bodywork session. ​ I started practicing yoga in 2007 and after trying many different styles, classes and studios around the globe, found my heart and home in Forrest Yoga. Having trained 200 hours with Ana, the creator of Forrest Yoga, and studied anatomy with Ellen Heed in Hong Kong, I am a certified Forrest Yoga Teacher since the year 2013. Originally from Hamburg, Germany, I relocated to Melbourne, OZ right after my teacher training in October 2013. Where I nearly spent two years teaching Forrest Yoga to small groups, including patients with eating disorders at the Royal Melbourne Hospital. After spending the following seven months in Brasil – I call Lisbon a home since July 2016. I am always keen to continue learning and growing in my own practice and in my teaching, I studied for a higher yoga certification and participated in a mentorship program with Sinhee McCabe, Forrest Yoga guardian, which I finished in May 2015. This deep exploration of new techniques as well as learning about alternative and holistic therapies and approaches in general plus hands-on training, lends itself to a multi-disciplinary experience. I also enjoy participating regularly in workshops myself whether it is with other Yoga teachers, Forrest and guardian teachers, Ana Forrest herself - anything that support my personal growth such as voice and singing or dance classes and workshops. In October 2016 I finished a bodywork training with Forrest Yoga guardian teachers Jambo Truong and Brian Campbell, whose techniques and wisdom gently flow into my teachings ever since. In April 2019 I took a pre and post natal training with Charlotte Speller in Vienna. It gave me a whole other perspective and set of 'tools' for pre and post natal woman. It even inspires my overall style of teaching as many pre and / or post natal poses are simply gentle, 'intelligent' poses that feel good to many of us - I weave them occasionally into any of my sequences and classes. ​ If you wonder whether there are other things that excite my heart besides yoga, here are some: •TRAVELING • WAVES AND BEACHES • SAILING AND SURFING • LISTENING • PHOTOGRAPHY • ART• LEARNING a new skill • BAKING & COOKING • REAL FOOD • NEW VIEWS • TIME WITH OTHERS • TIME FOR MYSELF • TIME IN NATURE• DOCUMENTARIES • CONCERTS • HOW TO MAKE THIS WORLD A BETTER PLACE • LONGBOARDING • RANDOM OBJECTS • CREATIVE CRAFTERNOONS • READING • WRITING•


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