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Contemporary Dance & Yoga Workshop
Contemporary Dance & Yoga Workshop

In our workshops, the yoga practice serves both as a point of departure and as an instrument to listen to the body and to experience its natural structure. Discovering movement – through body awareness and perception, in order to activate the relationship between body and internal and external space.

Move, feel, perceive, discover - in conjunction with the breath. We flow into a research in dance improvisation in which everybody can discover his/her own dance.

Helena, Hilke & Stella 



My Yoga and Contemporary Dance Workshop with Hilke and Helena is an experience settled in my consciousness. I keep a great memory about that intimate, deep, changing and powerful experience. It allowed me to unlock a deep space inside of me that I kept closed and didn't dare to look at before. I entered the room with the fear of dancing, but ever since dance has become a sacred and essential space and practice in my life. Thanks to both of them for making me feel safe and free and anchor the experience in my body and heart.

Junio (ES)

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